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103 : « Paris en Lumière, la grande roue »

The collective « Photographée » jumped into the challenge! Alex Perret (the photographer), Caligr, Djalouz, Doudou et Pesca (the street artists) created this wall with high synergy.


It results an innovative blend with photography and graffiti, light and darkness. We can see a couple standing out: a poetic snapshot in the middle of a luminescent movement.t.



203 : « Liberté »

Widen up and brighten up a room which was lacking charactere: the Bastille was an obvious way to do it! Dolores Joseph drew her inspiration from the Eugène Delacroix piece of art and created an imagery combining History and modernity.


Acrylic paint, brush, roller, even with her fingers: a mix of different art media allowing strengh and uniqueness to emerge from the artwork. The doves, embodying freedom and peace, add a touch of smooth lightness.



303 : “La vie en Rose”

Once again, the “Photograffée” collective made it! Using the same process (photo and graffiti), they created an ode to childhood by staging a bycicle and a hopscotch.


Playing with the perspectives and the writing (reminding famous BEN’s ones), the collective – in the Big League for some time now – put forward a getaway to the past or the future…



403 « Paris, ville cosmique »

Paris is a woman, and the ones who were doubting about it can come over and admire Caroline Bennequin AKA Coccinelle’s artwork.


Midway between a futuristic world and chamanic tradition, this room is an ode to the sacred feminine. A blend of bright colors, geometrical shapes and harmonious fullness which gives life to a nurturing cocoon. Artists seeking inspiration take note!